Our Green Credentials

We prioritise sustainability in all areas, from the impact we have on local biodiversity and our local community to our impact on the wider environment.
To help us meet these aims some of the policies and practices we have in place are:
Utilising local producers and suppliers. Where possible we use local producers and suppliers such as fish from Brixham, game from local estates and even local drinks suppliers like Sandridge Barton Wines and Bays Brewery. Where it is not possible to source a product locally we ensure we use local suppliers of those products to source them, thus supporting small scale local businesses. 
Solar panels are installed to provide renewable energy.
We use LED lights to improve energy efficiency. 
There is an electric car charger installed for customers to use.
We provide refillable filtered water in the hotel bedrooms and refillable toiletries to reduce single use plastic. 
Our grounds are wildlife friendly: our lawns are not manicured to ensure diversity and habitat for pollinators and we have a diverse range of habitats including Tawny Owls that return to nest each year as well as frequent visits from deer, foxes and badgers. 

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