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Orestone Manor – a family-run Hotel in South Devon

One of the many reasons guests keep returning to Orestone Manor for their luxury getaways, alongside the beautifully appointed rooms and the delicious, seasonal dishes served in our restaurant, is the outstanding service they receive throughout their stay here in South Devon. 

It’s the kind of service you might expect from a fully family-run business that spans two generations. At the heart of everything we do, is a genuine desire to make sure our guests are looked after and their every need catered for. Whether it’s relaxed or informal, we ensure that every visitor to Orestone Manor receives the same level of exceptional service

Collectively, our mission is simple: to offer you a luxurious yet comfortable experience that feels like visiting old friends.

chef patron neil d'allen
Neil and Catherine D'allen Orestone Manor

Fine dining in South Devon

Neil D'allen, our Chef Patron, leads our talented kitchen team. With a gift for creating stunning dishes that capture the rich bounty of ingredients found in South Devon, Neil's gastronomic talents have earned our restaurant a reputation for delivering consistently delicious food over the years. With over three decades of culinary expertise, Neil, alongside his wife Catherine, a brilliant chef in her own right, is at the culinary heart of the Orestone experience.

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south devon ice cream

Relaxed or formal…exceptional service

The oldest D’allen son, Craig, is Orestone Manor’s General Manager. With plenty of experience in the hospitality industry, having worked and managed in various reputable venues across the South West and Europe since he was 18 — from The Bath Arms of Longleat and Lewtrenchard Manor in Devon, to Graze in Bristol and a TUI restaurant in Claviere, Italy — Craig’s hospitality journey culminated in him joining the family as they took over Orestone Manor in 2011. 

Craig’s wife Laura is the former Head of Reception at Orestone Manor, before the arrival of her and Craig's daughter Lyra. Now Laura does lots of work behind the scenes and takes the role of duty manager when needed, bringing her own expertise and warmth to our South Devon country house hotel. With a background in hospitality, and having met Craig while they both worked at Bath Arms, Laura is an integral part of the Orestone family.

Meanwhile, Duty Manager, James D'allen, is the youngest member of the family team. Growing up within the walls of our hotel, it was only natural for James to follow in the family's footsteps. Combining a degree in hospitality management degree course at South Devon College with his full-time work at Orestone, James has become a vital component of service experience here at the hotel!

craig and laura d'allen at orestone manor
james d'allen at orestone manor

Luxury country house hotel

Staying at a family-run hotel offers a unique experience that you won't find in a hotel chain. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your stay is tailored exactly to your preferences. Whether you prefer a formal or informal atmosphere, we're here to make your visit unforgettable.

So, as we look forward to reopening in February, and with plenty of exciting events in South Devon in the calendar, we hope you’ll come and experience service at its best for yourself. Why not start planning your trip to South Devon today?

Posted on January 27th 2024

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