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From Jamaica to South Devon — NEW Orestone Rum!

Exciting new developments at Orestone Manor this month as we bring you a taste of the tropics infused with the essence of South Devon. A new addition to our wide and varied drinks menu: Orestone Rum, a luxuriously smooth Jamaican rum with a Devon twist!

Crafted by the local Coastal Distilling Co., our Jamaican rum is aged for 5 years and refined with pure Devon spring water. Infused with aromatic Madagascan vanilla, each sip of Orestone Rum is a journey through the vibrant flavours of the Caribbean and the lush landscapes of South Devon.

But our commitment to supporting local producers doesn't stop with our rum. Here at Orestone Manor, we take great care to source the finest meats, fish, ales, ciders, and wines from Devon's rich collection of local suppliers.

river dart and sharpham meadows

Fresh, locally sourced ingredients

From the rolling hills to the bountiful seas, Devon's diverse landscape produces some of the finest ingredients in the country. Our dedication to sourcing locally means that every dish and drink at Orestone Manor is a celebration of the region.

And when it comes to beverages, we're proud to showcase the very best of Devon's breweries, vineyards, and cider makers. Luscombe Organic Drinks, awarded a Royal Warrant in 2021, provides us with a rich and varied range of organic beverages, blending only the finest quality organic fruits with Dartmoor spring water.

Sandridge Barton Wines, home of Sharpham Wines, offers us exceptional English wines from their stunning vineyard overlooking the River Dart. Hunt's Cider, a family-run business since the 1800s, delivers unforgettable cider experiences with their dedication to using only the choicest Devon cider apples.

Meanwhile, Bays Brewery, craft award-winning beers in the heart of Devon, and provide us with a selection of stunning draughts for our drinks menu; each one a testament the region's rich brewing tradition, perfectly complementing the flavours of our dishes.

orestone manor outdoor terrace

Why not dine on our outdoor terrace?

So why not come and visit us here at Orestone Manor this spring? We've got a stunning outdoor terrace on which you can enjoy the sunshine and the gentle breeze from the South Devon coastline — with a  refreshing drink in your hand and a delicious meal on the table. What more could you ask for?

Posted on April 23rd 2024

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